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The search engine rank of your website depends mostly on the number of links pointing to it in other websites. In our site the links to your site are displayed in a search engine friendly way. This improves the ranking of your website in search engines and consequently, its position in the results pages. The links to your website can be visited not only through search engines but also directly by our visitors. There are several ways to take advantage of our offer.

If you have a blog, a personal homepage, a social profile page or you are a regular forum user, you can grab the code of any public magazine cover and put it where you want the cover to appear. At each click on the cover, there will be a link to your page generated on our site. The more visitors click on the cover, the higher the link goes in our website which guarantees more and more visitors to your website.

If you are a website owner and you want to increase the number of your visitors, we offer you two kinds of banners with dynamic content and random public cover slideshow. The banners and the embed code are displayed on the bottom.
Banner 153x198
Random covers:
Banner 121x157
Random covers: